Rapper Yung Brezzy was born in Montgomery, Alabama and raised in Selma, AL. At an early age, Yung Brezzy began showing an interest in music. He started playing the drums with the youth choir of his family’s church, honed in on that skill, and began to perfect it as if it was his purpose in life.  While in junior high, Yung Brezzy was introduced to rap and hip hop music and began to listen and study the ways of artists like 2Pac, LL Cool J, and Dr. Dre.  One day, a song by Pastor Troy started playing on the radio that caught his attention and Yung Brezzy began to flow to the song with his own lyrics.  At that point, his life changed and he gained a passion for hip hop.  Without the support he needed and being too young to do it himself, he pushed his talent to the side. When Brezzy got to high school, he continued to play sports and delve into music from time to time. Yung Brezzy would always clown around with his friends about wanting to be a rap star, but he really didn’t take his rap talent seriously and he focused more on school and sports. It wasn’t until one afternoon after football practice where he heard other players spitting rhymes that he felt the urge to show off his talent and ever since he had became known around the school for his talent. Around his junior year in high school, he began pondering over life decisions as he had no interest in the college life. Yung Brezzy put his music on hold and turned to the Marines for a better opportunity in life. After only being in the service for six months, he returned home for a visit and that night his life turned upside down.


In 2007, Yung Brezzy was a victim of a near-fatal car accident that almost cost him his life. He suffered from numerous amounts of life threatening injuries, but recovered fully. In the early parts of 2009, Brezzy was faced with a dramatic loss that sparked him to write the song “One Life to Live”. The song hinted at an emotional barrier he carried from the accident and the loss of his loved one. Suffering from a broken heart and lack of faith, he buried himself into his music writing songs like “Try Something Different” and “Wake Up”. The songs ventured around the actions of the world and how life was too short to pass up. The song “Try Something Different” was used in local high schools where he performed during different causes, like Breast Cancer Awareness and Drug Free Awareness.

Listen to “Life Lessons” here on spotify, press play!

Yung Brezzy is a dedicated member of the Breast Cancer Awareness and Drug Free Awareness with local schools of Alabama and a participant of the United Saints Recovery Project of New Orleans, Louisiana.

In early 2010, Yung Brezzy linked up with a local group hoping to make moves to greatness but the group never branched out to bigger or better things.  Yung Brezzy didn’t want to give up on his dreams so he struck out on his own to pursue his solo career. In the year 2014, Yung Brezzy released songs like “I Be Goin’ In” featuring Koree Rudolph and “Money Be Chasen.”

Yung Brezzy has been making major moves in the industry and one of his greatest accomplishments was being chosen as the headliner to perform after the speech of former President Barack Obama for the 50th annual Jubilee.

Yung Brezzy is currently pushing his single “What’s the Point of Having Friends” from his upcoming EP “Life Lessons”, with tracks from Cassius Jay, Exotic Music, and more available on all digital outlets.






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