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You Gotta Luv it

Shondell Coleman, also known as Luv Docta, is a highly versatile Chicago-based artist who excels as a trap soul artist, entertainer, actor, writer, and public speaker. Luv Docta, as a songwriter, possesses a benevolent demeanor and has gained extensive knowledge about the complexities of our everyday lives and matters of love over time. Luv Docta is highly skilled at building relationships and fostering a sense of closeness between individuals. He unveiled his latest track called “FREAK” featuring YBG Tsunami on May 5. The song’s visual was also released on June 2, which was captured by Kwatts Production’s vivid depiction of a lighthearted, freeing atmosphere. The overall tone conveys a sense of carefree vitality associated with summer. The imagery highlights the two musicians having a lively time in the company of gorgeous women, incorporating enjoyable elements such as water guns and moments of the models dancing together.

“FREAK” is the ultimate summer hit that evokes a variety of positive emotions. The Luv Docta introduces a fresh perspective to the music scene through his creation of unconventional songs, steering away from the overused themes of sensuality and carnal desires commonly found in the industry. “I put my hand up on her thigh (thigh), I hit that hole just like a blitz. They showing luv cause I’m that guy, I got the coldest energy. These not so big no mini mees, don’t want no problems I need my peace,” “Trappin’ like I got no care (no care), taking flights out from O’Hare (O’Hare), fuck it. I’m just everywhere (where), VVS let’s make it clear (let’s go). Baby get right, no cap in that (yea), Lil mama greedy tryna get the tax (taxing), but I ain’t wit all that,” The pair assert their sexual and financial power consistently throughout the song. This particular song has a rare and enticing combination of forbidden allure and sensual appeal.

You can now check out the music collaboration called “Freak” by Luv Docta and YBG Tsunami, which is now streaming on various platforms.



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