AMS has signed a massive deal with Global Crown Distributions  that will return the AMS Enterprise to major distribution Hub for music television and film

Sources familiar with the deal indicate it could be worth about $5 million, vaulting AMS, 3.2 into the rarefied realm of Independents top earners. The new contract is believed to mark not only a steep increase for AMS as executive producer and creator of “AMS brand but more significantly, reward them with a hefty chunk of the industry streaming sales.

Increasing the pressure on Independent Labels to close a megadeal with Global was interest from other independent investment groups eager to tap into talents, including Universal Television & Music Group, according to sources, which ultimately Chose AMS too sphere head this platform Mays and Fields are said to have made an eight-figure Film Deal,but to no avail.

The deal also has implications beyond Music for AMS within the industry parent company, Viacom, sources said. Another component sets up AMS as the mothership with a multimillion-dollar deal at Paramount Pictures


In addition, the contract is said to establish a development deal for AMS production company, Cool C Productions with managing principal AMS Music Entertainment
New Facility Downtown
-New Media Partnership
To do a dozen major concerts multiple cities
-bridging the gap with Independent Artist on a major platform


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