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Truepound’s Upcoming Single “Cyber Chase” Featuring Gucci Mane Set to Drop in May

Truepound, the rising hip-hop artist, is gearing up to release his upcoming single “Cyber Chase” featuring Gucci Mane on May 5th. The song is about putting people in a good mindset to be motivated to get money, whether it’s through cyber crypto stocks investing hustling or grinding or even working. It aims to give listeners an outer space feeling, inspiring them to reach higher goals, no matter what life throws at them.

Truepound met Gucci Mane through a business partner or a business agreement that established him to have unlimited rights to promote or work with the rapper. The collaboration promises to be a hit, given Gucci Mane’s reputation as a successful rapper and Truepound’s growing popularity in the industry.

Aside from “Cyber Chase,” Truepound also has another upcoming single, “So Amazing,” set to release on April 28th. The song is a romantical, love story that aims to motivate and uplift the beauty in women. It encourages couples to love their relationship and appreciate the beautiful moments that occur in it. Truepound says that the song is the meaning of saving love, and he hopes that listeners will find inspiration in it.

Truepound’s fans can look forward to the release of the music video for “So Amazing” around the 12th of May. Additionally, they can check out his recently dropped hit singles, “More Money” and “She Spotted,” available on all platforms. The former will also be featured in the upcoming movie “One Mic,” directed by Yung Curl. With his music career on the rise, Truepound is definitely an artist to watch out for in the coming months.

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