1st Rap Group to Perform on National TV Goes to Funky Four + 1

Written By @daniurbane

FEBRURAY 14th, 1981 – Hip Hop started in the late 1970’s and changed the world drastically. Amongst some of the first rap groups was the Funky Four + 1. This group was known to be one of the first to feature a female rapper as their + 1 who is none other than Sha Rock.

There is much to debate about who was the first to do this or that within Hip Hop, and although many thought that Run DMC was the first rap group to perform on television, they’re wrong. Funky Four + 1 was invited as a special guest on Saturday Night Live by Deborah Harry, the lead singer of the punk group Blondie, who was also a close friend to the rap group.

The world was shaken when Hip Hop began to make its way across airwaves and television screens. Reaching millions of watchers, this was a pivotal moment that shifted the Culture. With their cool lyrics, syncopation, and style, the Funky Four + 1 made history as we know it.

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