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The Sound of Puerto Reefa: A Mix of Southern Rap and Trap Beats

Puerto Reefa, the rising hip hop artist from Augusta, GA, is known for his unique blend of southern rap and trap beats. Growing up listening to artists like Gucci Mane and OJ the Juiceman, he was inspired to pursue a career in music. Beat boxing in the lunchroom led to hitting the studio and the rest is history.

Puerto Reefa‘s journey to success in the music industry was not an easy one. Growing up in a household with parents battling drug addiction and having to fend for himself at a young age, he had to overcome numerous challenges. But his passion for music never wavered, and it was a chance meeting with Tra Porter, the Co CEO of CVE The Label, that opened the door for him in the music industry.

Puerto Reefa’s debut single “PME” has been praised for their unique sound and powerful lyrics. He uses his music to speak to the struggles he’s faced and the hardships he’s overcome.



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