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Spice Up Your Playlist with Luv Docta’s Captivating Hit ‘HOTLINE’

With an abundance of music that is easily accessible, deciding what to listen to can be difficult at times. But, you are in for a surprise, Luv Docta, a performer, speaker, composer, and actor, has returned to the studio and created yet another incredible track. Shondell Coleman, popularly known as the Luv Docta, has influenced a wide range of musical genres. On June 30, he released “HOTLINE,” another smash hit for the summer. This most recent single is now available on all major streaming platforms. Luv Docta returns with powerful vocals that will excite your senses in the greatest way imaginable.

Luv Docta’s extensive knowledge and insightful perspective enable him to inspire, energize, and introduce love into your life. Do you need help starting a fire in your bedroom? The Luv Docta is the best alternative for what you need.

You can listen to Luv Docta’s track “HOTLINE” on all streaming platforms right now.



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