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“Sharks” – A Fusion of Musical Genius by Michael J Foxx and Denard T. Riley

Born in LA, Denard T. Riley discovered his passion for music at the age of 18. He experimented with various sounds and formed The Pleh! Squad, alongside his twin brother Denardo (Aceteria!)and cousin Tristan Parris. They released numerous locally popular mixtapes in New York.
After a two-year hiatus from Pleh!, Riley embarked on a solo career with his project “Finally Say Finally.” He performed across the USA and gained popularity in the underground scene with his unique sound. He has since released numerous records.
In 2018, Riley formed Sheʼs Always Right Anyway (S.A.R.A.), which continues to produce a unique blend of sounds inspired by his life experiences. As a hopeless romantic, Riley primarily writes passionate songs about love and relationships.

Michael J Foxx utilizes his 15 years of experience in various music genres and styles to create, record, and mix original and captivating songs. In 2019, he founded an independent label with the vision of producing quality, relatable music that showcases his passion and creativity.
Foxx has released a multitude of works, including albums, mixtapes, singles, collaborations, and features. He was nominated for MNB awards in 2022 and 2023. His 399 records registered under SOCAN and 91 music videos on YouTube demonstrate his versatility and productivity. A graduate of The Institute of Audio Research NYU, Foxx has a bachelor’s degree in audio engineering, equipping him with the skills to deliver professional audio and video content.

Foxx’s single “Better Half” reached #3 on the iTunes Charts in South Africa and was RIAA certified on January 26, 2024. He recently signed a deal with S.O.S (Strung Out Songs) & SONY Music Publishing.
Sharks Collaboration With Michael J Foxx & S.A.R.A – She’s Always Right Anyway

Following these individual successes, Riley and Foxx decided to join forces in a collaborative effort, blending their unique sounds and styles to create something truly innovative. This collaboration led to the creation of the project “Sharks,” which marked a new chapter in their musical journey.

The music they produced together was a fusion of their individual sounds, resulting in a genre-defying mixture of rhythms and melodies. The project was received positively by both their fans and critics, further solidifying their status in the music industry.

Their collaboration also extended beyond music production. They co-wrote many of the songs on the “Sharks” project, allowing them to explore new themes and narratives. The lyrical content of the songs was a reflection of their shared experiences and perspectives, which added depth and authenticity to their music.

In their joint effort, they found a synergy that allowed them to push each other creatively, resulting in a project that was both commercially successful and artistically fulfilling. Their partnership has not only expanded their musical horizons but has also paved the way for future collaborations.

This milestone in their careers demonstrates their commitment to pushing the boundaries of their craft and their dedication to producing music that resonates with their audience. With their combined experience and talent, there is no doubt that S.A.R.A and Foxx will continue to make waves in the music industry.



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