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Rick Ross Threatens To Run For Mayor Amidst Legal Feud Over His Annual Car Show TSR Investigates

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Rick Ross is reportedly considering running for mayor in Fayetteville, Georgia amidst an ongoing legal feud with community leaders over his annual car show, which is held in the city.

TSR Investigates’ Justin Carter reports that Ross has repeatedly run into trouble with city officials.

Rick Ross Vs. Fayetteville: Rapper’s Annual Car Show Straining Relations With Neighbors

The rapper’s escaped pet buffalo roaming the neighborhood initially irked residents. However, it was the first car show held on Ross’ property that truly kicked off tensions between the rapper and locals.

The first show caused such a disturbance to the community that many people couldn’t even leave their homes, Carter reports.

6,500 People Attended Last Year’s Show, This Year’s Event To Feature Ross, Gucci Mane

6,500 people turned up to last year’s event at Ross’ house – the largest home in the state of Georgia. Thousands more are expected to attend this year’s exotic car and bike show, scheduled for June 3.

Meanwhile, Ross’ legal team maintains they have complied with all county protocols for safety, noise, and traffic for this year’s event.

The show will cost $325 to get in, and both Ross and rap star Gucci Mane are set to perform, according to Justin Carter.

Ross and his team are fighting back and claim the car show will go on as planned.

Neighbors Take To City Hall To Stop Rick Ross’ Rowdy Annual Car Show

However, neighbors are taking to city hall to fight back. A handful turned out to a Fayetteville County Board of Commissioners meeting back in April.

“What happened to us last year was a nightmare,” neighbor Denise Morrison described last year’s scene. “It has to do with the safety and well-being of the citizens,” another told city leaders back in April.

Morrison went on to say she had a graduation to go to, and couldn’t even get back to her house to change clothes.

His security people were searching everyone coming through the estate for weapons, Morrison said. The backup created a traffic jam of epic proportions.

“There were just hoodlums running around everywhere,” she added.

Ross’ attorney Leron Rogers tells TSRI’s Justin Carter that they have drafted up airtight safety protocols. Every guest will be bussed to the property from private parking lots nearby.

They agreed to hire 250 security personnel on-site. Ross would also install police barricades and double-layered chainlink fences, Rogers added. He will also erect “No Parking” signs along the property to deter onlookers.

City Denies Rapper’s Zoning Permit Application, Rick Ross Says He’s Running For Mayor Of Fayetteville

The city ultimately denied their petition for a special zoning use permit. They cited safety, noise, and traffic as issues in denying Ross’ application.

Meanwhile, Ross maintains he’s bringing money into the city.

“This city should pay ME for this,” Ross told TMZ.

Fed up with county leadership, Ross is now throwing his name in a bid to become the next mayor of Fayetteville.

What do you say, Roomies? Is Rick Ross out of line here or are the neighbors doing too much?



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