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Pickalo Caesar Unveils Highly Anticipated EP: “The Evil Twin Brothers 4: Planet of the G’z”

Fans of Pickalo Caesar have been eagerly awaiting his latest EP, and the day has finally arrived. The fourth installment in his “The Evil Twin Brothers” franchise, titled “The Evil Twin Brothers 4: Planet of the G’z,” is here and it doesn’t disappoint. Alongside this exciting release, there’s also hope for a new Mad Hatta album from him this year, making it an exciting time for fans of underground rap.

The EP comprises four fiery tracks, including the soundtrack from the upcoming Michael Myers movie, “Halloween Ends.” This movie tie-in is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the EP, drawing horror fans and rap enthusiasts alike.

One of the standout tracks features none other than the legendary Ganxsta Nip, the creator of Horrorcore music. This collaboration adds a spine-tingling depth to the EP, showcasing Pickalo’s versatility and ability to connect with rap’s roots.

In a brief interview with Pickalo Caesar, he shared some insights into the release and his musical journey. Here’s a glimpse of the conversation:

Interviewer: “I’ve been waiting for this great album since April; what took so long for the release?”

Pickalo: “I’m working on other projects as well, like the Airport Recordz store. You can now purchase our merchandise online on my website.”

Interviewer: “Out of all the artists, who has inspired you the most?”

Pickalo: “Oh man! Everyone knows my favorite of all time and my idol is Ganxsta Nip; he’s the greatest. But I also rock with my big brothers Spice 1, Gangsta Dresta, and Dru Down; they are terrific artists.”

Interviewer: “What about Boosie Badazz? What do you think about him?”

Pickalo: “I like that he lives by the code of the street and he tells the truth even if people don’t like it. Yeah, I rock with that cat.”

Interviewer: “I’ve always said I would hate to see you and Boosie together because of your backgrounds; you guys would be in jail before the night’s over (laughs).”

Pickalo: “Man, come on!”

Interviewer: “No, I’m saying that because you guys are fun people, your personalities are the same. You guys will just have too much fun (laughs).”

Pickalo: “Haha, I can’t argue with that!”

Interviewer: “But TikTok is a growing platform; do you have any favorites on there?”

Pickalo: “Yeah, I have a couple. One is a young lady named Tiana; I call her Young Tiana because of a song she made; it’s great. She’s a very wonderful artist with a unique style; I like that. You can find her on TikTok and YouTube at Untainted Afro Tiana.”

Pickalo Caesar’s latest EP is a testament to his passion for music and his ability to connect with both legendary artists and up-and-coming talents. As fans continue to enjoy the new tracks, they can also explore Pickalo’s other projects and look forward to what’s next in his musical journey. Whether it’s collaborating with icons or supporting emerging artists, Pickalo Caesar remains a dynamic force in the world of underground rap.




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