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Juvenile 400 Degreez Hits the Road Celebrating 20 Years and Out Comes Hotboy Turk

It was a classic weekend in New Orleans during the Bayou Classic when Juvenile hit the stage while celebrating his 20 year album 400 Degreez and if you were lucky to be a fan in the crowd you got to see the hip hop mega stars Juvenile and Hotboy Turk take the stage in their

home city of New Orleans while rocking the crowd Juvenile brought out another Hot Boy and the crowd went crazy to a maximum capacity crowd watch the video above this is definitely a Tour for the road.

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Live a life so uniquely you that your legacy lives on long after you’re gone.

DJ+ScrewRobert Earl Davis Jr., Better known as DJ Screw was born July 20, 1971 in Smithfield, Texas. At the age of 12 after seeing the movie Breakin’, his interest in Hip Hop Culture was sparked. Around this time he developed  a curiosity for DJing after playing with his mother’s turntable. He was given the name DJ Screw jokingly by a friend who noticed that he would destroy records he didn’t like with a screw. Although he began DJing as a pre-teen his signature Chopped and Screwed style didn’t emerge until much later around 1990.

Recognized by many as one of the most important figures in southern Hip Hop. During his short time he was responsible for launching the careers of several legendary rappers in the city of Houston, Texas as well as influencing countless acts all over the country. @traebn @lilflip713 @zromocitydon @donke713 Fat Pat, Big Moe & Big Hawk @djred_screwedupdeejay

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Eminem Wins Best Hip Hop Award

Eminem opened this years MTV EMAs then goes on to win the Best New Hip Hop award later during the show. During his speech he displayed shock in receiving the award even though he hasn’t released an album in over four years. Then goes on to Pay homage to Chuck D and Public Enemy before thanking MTV again for honoring him.

Photography by @MichaelAnthony.CC