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Nas Emotionally Reflects On Late Mother During Concert: ‘She’s Here With Me Tonight’ (Video)

During a recent performance at Madison Square Garden (MSG), Nas got choked up while reflecting on his mother, who passed away from breast cancer back in 2002.

He Says His Mom Worked ‘Across The Street’ From MSG: ‘We Made It’

The one-night-only show went down on Friday, and Billboard notes that the occasion marks the first time that Nas headlined a show at MSG.

During this noteworthy point in his career, Nas was sure to pay tribute to his mother as well, as she supported her family by working at a post office that was coincidentally “across the street” from the venue.

Towards the end of his “One Mic” performance, the NYC-bred rapper took a moment to speak on how much he loves his mother. He soon became choked up and admitted that he was getting “emotional in this s**t.” However, he proceeded to clarify that he’s “still a real n***a” before happily proclaiming, “Hey, Ma, we did it!”

“And she’s here with me tonight! I love you, Mom! Got emotional in this s**t! Don’t get it f***ed up, I’m still a real n***a! Aye, Ma, we did it! Every project n***a, we made it!”

Following his shoutout, Nas proceeded to carry on with his performance, and some attendees spoke on how touching the moment was on social media.

Nas also cried when he spoke about his late mother who worked across the street from MSG & how her spirit was with him tonight. He spoke about how he made it out too. It was a beautiful moment

— ᥫ᭡ (@SicilianlnHeels) February 25, 2023

It was so cool to see how emotional Nas got when talking about his Mom working at the post office across the street. Moving stuff

— AJAR (@KingAjar) February 25, 2023

Eventually, video of the moment in question began to circulate online as well, which you can view down below.

Video Of Nas Linking Up With AZ Also Circulated

In addition to the heartfelt commentary on his late mother, another noteworthy part of Nas’ MSG performance was when he brought out AZ to perform “Life’s A B***h” for the fans.

Check out some people’s reactions down below.

Nas brought out AZ last night to perform his verse on Life’s a B*tch

— Ruben



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