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Michael J Foxx’s ‘FXCK YA SMALL TOWN’ Diss Shines Light on Racial Injustice

Foxx said it was “no accident” that the video was filmed at the Maury County Courthouse, “where the race riot happened and where as well as the 1927 lynching of a young man who was 18-years-old, Henry Choate, occurred.” Choate was lynched by a mob and hung from the courthouse’s second floor after accusations that he sexually assaulted a white girl; in February 1946, the city that houses the courthouse was the site of a race riot in which two Black men were killed.

“Try That in a Small Town,” a track some have deemed a pro-gun, pro-violence, “modern lynching” song.”
Michael J Foxx being the first underground artist to respond back on the same production with hard hitting lyrics that you definitely can’t ignore in “FXCK Ya Small Town”.

The Yonkers New York native said racism is wack and completely played out. How is this even relevant now? Claiming land that’s not yours and representing a country that slaves built is mind blowing. For individuals that stand with the original song and embrace the visual I don’t expect them to know the knowledge of black history and breakdown the lyrics. I’m not done yet though I’m with all the smoke.



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