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Michael J Foxx presents the “Grind Now Shine Later” Mixtape

Let’s face it, If you are going to get shit done it’s going to take a lot of hard work. Every day you are going to have to exercise the most powerful muscle you have your mind. People are going to doubt you.You will even doubt yourself. But we know that the only way you will hit your goals is if you have the right mindset in place to stay motivated.

This mixtape that features Michael J Foxx along with Sydney Sexton, FK Fre$h, Ms.Thomas, Sammy G, and Clinton Davis put together with their phrases and words of encouragement that are perfect for entrepreneurs, college students, athletes, bodybuilders, and people looking to build their career and will talk about the importance of hard work, self-discipline, courage, confidence, success, believing in yourself, excuses, struggle, achieving your goals and dreams, and more.

Producer placements on this mixtape are two of Canada’s up & coming beat makers Saint John, New Brunswick’s own Darkus “Otis” and Hamilton, Ontario’s own Millz Grillz Beats with “Rubble”.

Michael J Foxx – Grind Now Shine Later



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