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Memphis Trey: The Southern Rapper Making His Way to the Top

Memphis Trey, a Memphis-based rapper, is taking the rap scene by storm with his unique style and captivating lyrics. Born and raised in the north side of Memphis, Tennessee, Memphis Trey started rapping at the age of 16. However, he didn’t take it seriously until he formed the group Gutta 3 with two other Memphis artists.

With a street-proven mixtape behind them, the trio had local success. Since then, Memphis Trey has worked with various artists and is now the CEO of his own record label, Slum Gang Records.

Memphis Trey’s music is inspired by his surroundings and the struggles he faced while growing up. His slogan, “from troubles to dreams,” is a testament to his journey and the hardships he overcame to pursue his passion.

According to Memphis Trey, the key to success is putting yourself in uncomfortable situations. He believes that stepping out of your comfort zone is necessary to achieve your goals and make a mark in the industry.

Memphis Trey’s raw talent and dedication have earned him a growing fan base and respect from his peers. With his unique sound and inspiring message, he is sure to make his way to the top of the rap game. Keep an eye out for Memphis Trey and Slum Gang Records as they continue to make their mark in the industry.



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