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Meet The Performance Battle League’s New Artist GualaSix10

GualaSix10 is described to be a versatile hip hop artist. Taking the game serious for 6 years now. Originally from Darby Pa, right outside southwest of Philadelphia. Scooter or JJ as some of his childhood friends may call him us known to be fun, somewhat shy, reserved, and maybe a-little indecisive. He started rap in the 8th grade and comes from a musical background. Guala would later go to college at Lincoln university, attending a trade school at Kaplan university. Playing football was his passion, so growing up he thought he would become an athlete. Tragically health issues got in the way. The name “GualaSix10” came about from his career time in football. Everyone thought he was Latino, so they called him “Guala”. He also looked like Troy Polamalu from the Steelers so that didn’t help. His hair would hang out his helmet. People thought he was samoan. The Six10 was added later to represent his area code (610). Just to be clear he is Black, Indian, Chines, Irish, and Italian.

It was in college when he knew he wanted to be an artist. After later collaborating on a track with 2 other MCs, he caught the bug.

His inspiration comes from his kids, family, and loved ones. Some of his favorite artists consist of Jadakiss, Nipsey, Fabulous, Dave East and Durk.

What makes him so unique is, everything that he talks about, he has lived. Taking the time to make sure everything he writes makes sense. Learning and growing from his past mistakes. Right down to even serving some time in jail. Realizing that life wasn’t for him. Guala understands the main focus now is his 3 kids. Making all efforts to be successful for them.

With that hustle mentality it was only a matter of time that good things like opening up for Fabulous would come into play. Adding to the roaster would be The Rolling Loud Festival, The Blackout Comedy Festival in Baltimore, The Great Day Festival in Atlantic City and Coast 2 Coast. With a good head on his shoulder too now even enjoying the simple things in life like fishing, cooking, bowling and even coaching.

GualaSix10 is ready for success. Currently one of top tier performers at The Performance Battle League. Dropping his EP “The Resort”. A Record deal is not in his radar. However, if it makes sense, he will entertain the option if it’s put on the floor correctly.



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