Eminem took shots at a number of artists on his surprise LP ‘Kamikaze’. Of them all Machine Gun Kelly wasted no time responding with diss record “Rap Devil”.

Since its release, listeners have been anxiously waiting for Eminem fire back at MGK. Well…here it is!

“KILLSHOT” is, first and foremost, an incredible display of wordplay. Eminem is flexing. It’s worth repeat spins just for its patterns and schemes.

But as a highly anticipated diss record was it worth the wait?

We say yes. Eminem bodied MGK. Yet, after 20-or-so listens we think Em didn’t completely skin him. He left some flesh on the carcass.

We fully expect MGK to double down, continuing this feud with another diss. To that we say this: “You should have gone for the head.” *SNAP!*

Check it out!

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