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Jackée Harry Says She ‘Wasn’t Nice’ To Kenya Barris Back In The Day, Twitter Wishes She Had Been Meaner

Jackée Harry recently addressed how her treatment of Kenya Barris back in the day may have cost her a gig or two, though Twitter is firmly on her side!

Jackée Harry Let Her Ego Get The Best Of Her: ‘I Wasn’t Nice To Him’

The matter came up while Jackée was chatting with Sheryl Lee Ralph for a digital Essence feature. During the sit-down, Sheryl brought up the importance of being nice to everyone, even if they’re simply bringing you coffee, because you never know where they’ll be in the future.

“How many times has the young person that has brought me coffee ends up being the producer in the next five-to-ten years. Oh, I’ve seen that.”

Sheryl added, “You gotta tamp that ego down and really have someone good to talk you off the cliff.”

Jackée then chimed in and revealed that, back while starring on 227, she may have burned a bridge by not being friendly to Kenya Barris, who would deliver her scripts back in the day.

“Well, I wasn’t talked off the cliff. You know who used to bring me my scripts for 227 to my door and deliver them? Kenya Barris.”

She continued, noting that she “wasn’t nice to him”—and Kenya didn’t let her forget it!

“I wasn’t nice to him. You see, look at me now. I ain’t lyin’—and he reminded me of it!”

Jackée ultimately brushed off her behavior by nonchalantly saying, “It was the ’80s, baby!”

Twitter Supports Jackée & Speculates That Kenya Barris Must’ve Had It Coming

Once Jackée’s comments began circulating, people on Twitter began chiming in and sided with the actress. They explained that “Kenya likely had bad vibes” and “needs” to be bullied some more.

In Jackee’s defense, Kenya likely had bad vibes.

— The Original Lisa Vandercunt (@robinwannabefly) January 5, 2023

Jackeé Harry needs to bully Kenya Barris some more honestly.

— •• (@choneybuttr) January 5, 2023

Many cited Kenya’s work—which brought about accusations that he had a “biracial obsession,” as The Shade Room previously reported—as justification for how Jackée treated him.

Jackeé is wonderful & Kenya’s public biracial obsession is a boil in the asscrack of the black community.

She wasn’t wrong idc

— nebraska j. (@smoochitworse) January 5, 2023

I don’t know… Jackeé Harry not being kind to Kenya Barris before he blew up really not fazing me because look at the material this nigga ended up giving us. Somebody should’ve stopped his ass lol.

— SHAR (@sharlizemonet) January 5, 2023

I mean considering what Kenya Barris makes…. Auntie Jackee ain’t missing out on anything

— Super Sayian BlakNMild (@KiingJohnDoe) January 5, 2023

This is why Jackeé was right in being a little rude to Kenya during 227

— William Carter, IG: InquisitiveCarter (@wcarter1020) January 5, 2023

So we can blame Jackeé for all of us viewers being forced to watch Kenya Barris’s rainbow coalition of biracial media??

— Divine Kegel she/her



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