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FAYRO’s New Album “My Homage” Brings a Different Sound to the South

A Free album was released on Tuesday 21st March, exclusively to and fans can’t stop talking about it. Upon listening to this release and watching the new video “In the Socket” the fact becomes clear that we have never seen or heard anything like it. From songs 1-11, each track is a unique version of the original sample. Fayro mixes a Memphis Sound with his and his producer’s own style to create this Southern Gumbo with a fusion of Hip Hop, Pop, Reggae and other genres.

If you’re not familiar with Fayro you’re not too late. Fayro is a Rapper/Actor/Entertainer from Frayser, North Memphis, TN who recently became CEO of his own label Arcelio Productions, but this artist has been making noise for a while now. Fayro has released collabs with Memphis legend Lil’Wyte and DJ Unk along with a hefty 11 album and 6 mixtape discographies. The artist has also recently made an appearance in Tubi Original “Immortal City Records” starring RonReaco Lee, D Woods, and many others in the star-studded film.

2023 brings many things for Fayro. This Free Album is only the start of the year and the artist will be releasing an album later in the year. If you’re not following Fayro, keep up with the movement at the links below.

Album “My Homage” Link-

Official Website:

Social Media: @fayromusic



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