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Exploring the Depth of ‘Emotions’ with Kansah

In the dynamic world of grime and rap music, artists often find inspiration from both sides of the Atlantic. Kansah, a talented musician, has taken this cross-continental influence and channeled it into his latest single, “Emotions.”

Kansah initially penned “Emotions” a few years ago, sparked by Meek Mill’s “1942 Flows.” To bring this vision to life, he knew he needed a beat that could bridge the gap between UK and USA rap and grime listeners. Enter Essay Beats, a London-based producer with a knack for creating infectious rhythms. Together, they recorded the track at No Stars studio in London, with the engineering prowess of Marcuz Beatz ensuring the sound was nothing less than perfect.

But that’s not all. Kansah and his team also embarked on a challenging yet exhilarating journey to shoot the music video for “Emotions.” This endeavor took place during the hottest day of the year, pushing Kansah to his limits both physically and artistically. The result? A visually striking music video that complements the track’s powerful message.

Speaking of messages, “Emotions” is more than just music; it’s a reflection of Kansah’s personal journey. Through his lyrics, he urges listeners to stay motivated, especially when faced with what seems like insurmountable failures. To Kansah, failure is not an endpoint but merely a stepping stone towards success. Kansah is steadily building his musical portfolio, and big things are on the horizon.

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