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Daddy T Dutty Foreigner A Dancehall Hip-hop Artist Adopts A Confrontational And Explicit Stance In His New Single, “Where My Money At”

Daddy T Dutty Foreigner’s sounds encapsulates both Caribbean and American influences, making him one of the most versatile artists in the game today. With an unbridled passion for music,unwavering commitment,and a relentless work ethic,he has been breaking barriers and proving any remaining doubters wrong with his eclectic sound that meets international standards. His compositional ingenuity has been hailed by both critics and fans alike.

After making waves with his “Keeping it jiggy” EP. which received critical acclaim from far
and wide, Dutty Foreigner is back with another special edition dubbed “Where My Money At.”

Confrontational and unapologetically explicit, Dutty’s lyricism, delivered over a dancehall flavored beat with trap influences, pulls in listeners with it’s assertive energy, embodying the attitude of someone fed up with being owed money for too long.

Emptying his heart and soul out for listeners, “Where My Money At” is actually a huge testament to the power of music to capture raw human emotions.

“Where My Money At” is an upbeat, carefree, high-energy track destined for the club scene. The track’s blunt lyricism adds substantial depth and emotion to this bona fide masterpiece from one of the most versatile artists in the music market today.

So whether you’re hitting the gym busting out your dance moves, or cruising down the streets, “Where My Money At” has to be your anthem of motivation.

As an artist, Dutty Foreigner embodies the idea that music serves as an ideal medium for
expressing emotions and mental state. This is evident in tracks like “Where My Money At” where he articulates his emotions sonically rather than venting at anyone in particular.

To experience this potent track, follow the attached link, and if you feel the vibe, make sure you add it to your playlist. remember to like subscribe and share with your friends and family.



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