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Chante Soulus – DrugLuv @ChanteSoulus

Chante Soulus is not just some ordinary artist. He produces and mixes most of his tracks, writes and he is gifted on the mic. Chante is from San Bernardino, California and has been seriously pursuing music for almost two years now. Fairly new to the game, Soulus knows his strong suits and how to connect to fans. His latest single, “DrugLuv”, has a bouncy, slow paced rhythm that is easy on the ears. Produced by Dee B, it’s sure to up your spirits. Check it out on Soundcloud.

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.andreathelight. – show // tell @andreathelight

An eclectic mix of vindictiveness toward the past with esoteric nods to artistic influences, a nod towards pop sensibilities, wrapped up in a glistening and bouncing beat from @YungJZAisDead. A depressed-but-lit anthem, “show // tell” is a glimpse into the new future that .andreathelight. is setting out to create for herself

Seemingly out of nowhere, Philadelphia-based artist .andreathelight. made her debut as an emo-trap influenced singer-songwriter in early 2018 with the single, “thru my doors” (produced by Horse Head). After years of instrumental production under various aliases and multiple genres, she burned her past to the ground, found her voice and remade herself as an artist to focus on songwriting. Maybe therapy wasn’t cutting it, or life is too short to not chase dreams. Either way, she invites you on a journey of self-exploration and catharsis while stepping out into the world.

Die Rich Sco
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Die Rich Sco – XO @DieRichSco

Detroit breeds some of the most iconic people, from the legendary Diana Ross to Eminem to Big Meech. Your mentality is different coming from the city. Die Rich Sco’s music is his reality. Nothing is fabricated, your soul feels the records as opposed to hearing them. “I’ve always wanted more for my family and myself, I’ve never settled or been complacent in any situation and I feel me music always describes my current state of mind”. Listen in as he hops on a piano laced instrumental from YIB for his latest body of work, “XO”.

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Ne$$ – Never Too Late @nessjulius

Ahead of his highly anticipated debut, “All American Boys Club”, NE$$ decides to hold fans off by releasing a safe 6-Track EP entitled “Never Too Late”. In short, the Sonics of the EP represents the title very well from it’s slowed-down reversed chords on “All Love” to its 80’s love ballad inspired “Necessary”. Nonetheless, this project will get you in your feelings and cause you to dawn back on the golden ages. This EP has the modern-day R&B vibe with a nice dark and gritty undertone. Keep an eye out for NE$$ as his music keeps progressing. It will be very interesting to see what he has in store for the future.

NE$$ is a California-based artist. He’s a rarity amongst his turf. By that, I mean that he’s not your conventional California artist. His sound is extremely versatile. Early on his career, he’s voiced that his biggest inspirations are PARTYNEXTDOOR, Travis Scott, and Lil Wayne so with critics drawing early comparisons to Partynextdoor and Travis Scott, it’s easy to see the influences in his music. At 19 NE$$ is going against the mold and breaking his outer shell proving why he belongs in the game.

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FlyLife – The Motions @flylife_uvt

FlyLife is an artist coming out of Des Moines, Iowa. He is a part of a collective called Us Vs Them, along with the artist featured on “The Motions”, UnoUp6. The best way to describe his music is a mixture of old school and new school using very unique flows on trap beats. UnoUp6 is an artist out of Chicago, Illinois, who recently located to Iowa. That’s where the two linked up. Listen to their collaborative effort here.

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MusicbyKO – Adversity @_musicbyko

MusicbyKO is a Hip Hop / R&B artist / producer from the Bay Area in northern California. Versatile and accessible to a wide range of listeners, KO can switch up his style on a dime, seamlessly blending smooth vocals with relentless rap flow to create a singular sound. He gives listeners a multi-layered listening experiences. Chilled, feel good vibes help deliver MusicbyKO’s motivational message for fans; keep chasing your dreams and never give up.

With that said, he debuts a new motivational single entitled “Adversity”, produced by Juno.

Pleasure P Releases "You Changed"
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Pleasure P Releases “You Changed” produced by Lil Wonder

Pleasure P Releases "You Changed"

Pleasure P does not bite his tongue when saying, “Pain is what I’ve been thru in this business with friends, exes, business partners and even family. No one knows what it’s like to be me and I’m pouring it all out on this song.”

You Changed” officially dropped this morning but leaked last night after LHHMIA’s Reunion show. It was produced by Lil Wonder and once again proves why Pleasure P is still at the top when it comes to R&B.