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Budding Independent Rapper Banna Defines and Sets the Standard With That Unmatched Performance in “Locked in Freestyle”

For an artist who is inspired by Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Drake, Future, Biggie, and 2 Pac, you can expect nothing but greatness from them, and that is what you get from the emerging independent rapper Banna who has been quick to make a name for himself in the saturated rap landscape with his authentic rap music that taps into the nostalgic sound of the 90s and is delivered with a modern-day twist!

Where doors were not opened, he came crushing them down and made sure that he had everyone’s attention, and as we speak, he has gone on to build one of the most impressive catalogs in rap music with deservedly acclaimed projects such as his debut project “Ace of Spades” and most recently the tracks “Nothing 2 Lose” and “Lost in You” which is ironically funny because he had nothing to lose and now he’s lost in you! Okay, I digress; that’s besides the point.

Banna is currently turning heads with that one hell of a performance that he unleashes in “LOCKED IN Freestyle”. The way he just effortlessly knocks this performance out the park is the mark of a distinguished emcee—it’s so easy for him, it’s elementary!

There is that west-coast vibe that comes off of those intoxicating beats that have been stripped back but are still expressive and really register deep within the listener’s enclosed heart cave.

On the performance front, Banna offers a smooth and faultless lyrical delivery that gets the listener heavily invested throughout its length. He does not even strain for effort as he walks over the beats in a confident and poised manner, giving this piece its immediate authenticity.

“LOCKED IN Freestyle” is timeless, smooth, and powerful, highlighting Banna’s lyrical adroitness and his limitless versatility both as a songwriter and performer.

“LOCKED IN Freestyle” is already streaming on all the popular digital platforms. To get a taste of this matchless lyrical showcase, follow the attached link and lock it into your playlist.

In order to receive real-time updates on Banna’s future releases, follow him on his Instagram page @The1Banna.

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