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Behind The Scenes Drama? ‘Euphoria’ Fans Speak Out On ‘Canceling’ Hunter Schafer, Barbie Ferreira, & Sydney Sweeney Following Recent Backlash

We Used To Have A Time On Sunday Nights!

Seven months have passed and yes, we are still missing Sunday nights when all of us tuned into ‘Euphoria’ together. Season 2 was a lit emotional rollercoaster that left us wanting more. While fans await more series drama, rumors have been swirling the net that Season 3 was canceled. 

Show Canceled? Who Said Dat?!

Well fans no need to be alarmed just yet because back in April, HBO confirmed that ‘Euphoria’ was renewed for a third season. The show may not be canceled, but fans have taken matters into their own hands by canceling cast members one by one. ‘Euphoria’ stars Hunter Schafer, Barbie Ferreira, and Sydney Sweeney were thrown into the ‘cancelled’ ring of fire recently.


Hunter Schafer Comment Pulled A Trigger

This canceled domino effect started early last week when Hunter, who plays Jules reportedly agreed with a post calling out nonbinary people. The now deleted, but lengthy post seemingly blamed nonbinary people for having a negative impact on the trans movement that continues to fight for medical transition.


“You’re not helping… You’re not expanding the minds of cis people. You’re making them hate us. For the last time I am begging non-binary people to take a seat and let binary trans people and more specifically black trans women be the voice of this community because they are the ones at risk.

 Jules Sparks An Uproar Of Reactions

Fans noticed Hunter dropped five exclamation marks in the comments section. Being that she is an iconic trans actress many were immediately taken back by her endorsing this post. As the canceled train began to roll into the station, fans went back and forth on if she should be canceled or not. 


hunter schafer when she finds out transphobia is to blame for transphobic laws and not non-binary ppl

— júpiter (@hometheyz) August 23, 2022

I do have to say everyone’s getting insanely mad at hunter schafer for literally just commenting “!!!!” on someone else’s post. I like dumb posts all the time. Stinks of transmisogyny to me. Much like nonbinary people are not the problem, hunter schafer is not the problem.

— laurel (@fewredthings) August 25, 2022

hunter schafer hating nonbinary ppl was not on my bingo card but is SO rich white woman of her but Also rooted in the idea that nonbinary people are just “trans-lite” and therefore are less deserving of affirming care and that’s a very harmful mentality that we need to disable <3

— max (@abattoirbluues) August 23, 2022

Honestly not mad at Hunter Schafer, how many non binary folk do you see given opportunities compared to trans women especially black trans woman. This plays a huge role our visibility is how we make change and have our lives actually cared about and unfortunately rather than

— Paper Bag Agency



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