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Apollo The Boss Ventures into Television with New Drama Series “Rise”

Today, the renowned rapper Apollo The Boss made a groundbreaking announcement revealing his latest venture into the world of television. 

Apollo The Boss declared that he will be filming his new TV show titled “Rise,” a gripping drama film that will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime, Tubi, and other major television streaming services. The executive producer of this exciting new TV series is none other than Apollo The Boss himself, born Jason Simpson from Worcester, Massachusetts.

Filming for this innovative TV show will take place in the vibrant city of Worcester and Providence area, promising to bring a fresh perspective to the screen. Fans and viewers can mark their calendars, as the premiere episode of “Rise” is set to air on June 1, 2024.

Apollo The Boss, known for his captivating hip hop and R&B music, has been riding a wave of recent success. Not only has he made his mark in the music industry, but he has also authored a self-help book titled “Empower Yourself: A Better You,” showcasing his multifaceted talent and passion for inspiring others. With “Rise,” Apollo The Boss continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences with his unique vision and storytelling.



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