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Apollo the Boss Hits Gold: “Tell Me Come Home” Peaks at Number Nine on Apple Music Charts

In the dynamic world of music, chart-topping hits are the gold standard for artists, and rapper Apollo the Boss has struck gold with his latest single, “Tell Me Come Home.” This R&B sensation has not only secured a coveted spot on Apple Music charts, peaking at number nine, but it has also been featured on Spotify’s Top 50 USA playlist, a significant achievement considering it’s the platform’s most prominent playlist for the top songs in the United States.

Apollo the Boss, born Jason Simpson in Worcester, Massachusetts, is a name that has been resonating through the airwaves with increasing frequency. His rapid ascent in the music industry is a testament to his talent and the connection he has forged with his audience. With a versatile style that encapsulates the gritty flow of Moneybagg Yo and A Boogie wit da Hoodie, juxtaposed with the melodic sensibilities reminiscent of Juice WRLD and Post Malone, Apollo the Boss brings a unique blend to the table.

“Tell Me Come Home” is a track that showcases his dual talents as both a rapper and a singer, enveloping listeners in a narrative that is as compelling as it is relatable. This blend of heartfelt lyrics with a catchy hook has undeniably contributed to the song’s widespread appeal, allowing it to resonate with a broad audience and climb the charts swiftly.

Apollo’s rise to fame is not just about his music; it’s about the journey of an artist who has remained true to his roots while embracing the evolution of his sound. As a household name in the making, Apollo the Boss demonstrates that he is here for the long haul, ready to leave his mark on the industry.

Fans and industry insiders alike are taking notice as Apollo the Boss continues to navigate the music scene with a level of artistry and professionalism that belies his relatively short time in the spotlight. With his song “Tell Me Come Home” playing on some of the biggest platforms in the music industry, the message is clear: Apollo the Boss is not just passing through; he is crafting his legacy, one hit at a time.



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