An eclectic mix of vindictiveness toward the past with esoteric nods to artistic influences, a nod towards pop sensibilities, wrapped up in a glistening and bouncing beat from @YungJZAisDead. A depressed-but-lit anthem, “show // tell” is a glimpse into the new future that .andreathelight. is setting out to create for herself

Seemingly out of nowhere, Philadelphia-based artist .andreathelight. made her debut as an emo-trap influenced singer-songwriter in early 2018 with the single, “thru my doors” (produced by Horse Head). After years of instrumental production under various aliases and multiple genres, she burned her past to the ground, found her voice and remade herself as an artist to focus on songwriting. Maybe therapy wasn’t cutting it, or life is too short to not chase dreams. Either way, she invites you on a journey of self-exploration and catharsis while stepping out into the world.

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