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Alfonso Cuarón Plants the Seed of Filmmaking in His Children: Olmo, Jonás and Tess Bu

Many great film and television creators have planted the same seed in their own children, many of which have also become actors, producers, directors and people dedicated to the same activities as their parents.

Alfonso Cuarón is a film director known around the world, born in Mexico and has many international awards that he has accumulated throughout his career for films such as A Little Princess (1995), Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004), Gravity (2013), Roma (2018) and The Witches (2020), among many other films.

Alfonso has three children, Jonás, Tess Bu and Olmo Cuarón, who are starting to stand out in different sectors of the big screen, manifesting that they have inherited all of their talent to work in the Seventh Art from their father.

Jonás is already a quite a consolidated filmmaker now, he has directed films on his own and with other creators, and he is also particularly interested in screenwriting.

Tess Bu hasn’t turned 20 yet, but she already has been training professionally in music, especially in singing, and has contributed with some songs for the films of his famous father. And she is also well known in social media where she often shares a little of what she likes to do.

Olmo Cuarón is the youngest of Alfonso’s three children, but that doesn’t make him less talented.  Quite the contrary, in recent years he has  dedicated himself in sharing his love for film animation in his YouTube channel and hints at probably engaging in this activity professionally, and for that he may even study a university degree related to the subject. 

Jonás, Tess Bu and Olmo Cuarón show the talent inherited by their father but have also worked hard on their own to be prepared and not only be someone’s famous children but to also forge their professional career with their own capabilities. 

Without a doubt, Olmo Cuarón is the one who follows Alfonso’s steps closer, it would be no surprise to see him producing something for the big screen in following years and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he has a great success since he has all the tools to be consolidated as a great film animator.



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