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A Star In The Making – Aveek

Bringing smooth tones and a smooth voice to any melody, even Aveek’s laidback vibes can’t cloak his passion, dedication, and drive for music. By channeling his lifelong love of singing soul, R&B, and pop genres, Aveek has brought his own vision and sound to form Soul Fusion.

After honorably serving his country in the military, within six months, Aveek tapped into the unique life experiences of his service, his home in California, and all the other places he lived throughout the World to begin recording an anthology of songs. With the help of family and friends, each piece is lovingly crafted from intricate ear-catching melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and passionate, soulful vocals.

In 2023, Aveek will be releasing his anticipated single “Sex Overdose” after great success with his song “Low-Key Ft Woda B”. Keep an eye out for new music from Aveek. To stay updated on exciting new releases, announcements, and news, be sure to follow him on all social media platforms.



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