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A Review on Ian Chrysler’s “Come Play”

As the sun begins to set on another summer, it’s essential to keep the vibe alive with the perfect nostalgic song. Fortunately, Ian Chrysler, an 18-year-old Canadian hip-hop artist who is the answer to all our prayers, has brought us just that with his summer release, “Come Play.” This energetic dance single not only encapsulates the carefree spirit of summer with its catchy beats but also offers a timeless charm that transcends the seasons.

Right from the opening bars, “Come Play” grabs your attention with its infectious melodies and irresistible lyrics. It’s the kind of song that compels you to close your eyes and let it carry your mind, whether you’re at a beach, bonfire or just chilling in your room. Ian Chrysler’s ability to craft a catchy tune is undeniable, and “Come Play” is proof of his musical prowess.

However, what truly sets “Come Play” apart from the typical summer bangers is its unexpected lyrical depth. Beneath the surface of this upbeat track lies a poignant exploration of heartbreak and the rollercoaster ride of relationships. Ian’s lyrics are raw and relatable, touching on the universal experiences of love and loss. It’s this lyrical sincerity that transforms “Come Play” into something more than just a summer anthem—it becomes a song that anyone can relate to, no matter the season. It makes us rethink all our summer flings and just play the song on repeat remembering the summer of 2023.

The juxtaposition of the lively, dance-inducing music with the introspective and emotionally charged lyrics creates a unique listening experience. It’s as if Ian Chrysler invites us to dance through our heartbreak, acknowledging that life is a series of highs and lows, and sometimes, the best way to cope is to let loose on the dance floor.

In a music landscape where superficial lyrics often dominate the charts, “Come Play” is a refreshing breath of authenticity. Ian Chrysler proves that he’s not just a young artist riding the wave of trends; he’s a storyteller with something meaningful to say.

As Ian Chrysler continues to rise in the Canadian hip-hop scene, “Come Play” is undoubtedly a standout in his growing discography. Its infectious beats and lyrical depth make it a must-listen for music enthusiasts of all ages, and its appeal extends far beyond the sunny season. So, whether you’re looking for a dance-worthy track to brighten up your day or a song to help you navigate the complexities of love, “Come Play” has got you covered. Don’t miss out on the musical journey of this rising star, and keep an ear out for Ian Chrysler’s future releases—there’s no doubt that he’s an artist with a promising future in the industry. Steam “Come Play” now.



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